Our purpose, and how to get in touch.

We are the core group of athletes who, in 2019, pushed for a third-party investigation regarding misconduct at the hands of Dave and Liz Brubaker. Ten of the eleven survivors who testified in the 2020 Disciplinary procedure involving the Brubakers were Bluewater athletes. One was an athlete belonging to another gym.

Those choosing to stay involved are passionate about the fight for safe sport and intend to work toward meaningful and positive change within Gymnastics Canada and throughout the culture of the sport. 

Our primary objective is to help protect future athletes from the preventable harms done to prior generations. 

No athlete is safe until every athlete is safe, and there’s much work to be done. 

If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach us through this secure and fully confidential email: BluewaterSurvivors@protonmail.com

Please note: Bluewater Gymnastics Club, as it exists and operates today, is not the subject of our concerns.